1988   Japan Door
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Director:Banmei Takahashi
Studio:Agent 21, Directors Company
Writer:Ataru Oikawa, Banmei Takahashi
IMDb Rating:6.6 (264 votes)
Genre:Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Duration:95 min
Banmei Takahashi  ...  (Director)
Ataru Oikawa, Banmei Takahashi  ...  (Writer)
Keiko Takahashi  ...  Yasuko Honda
Daijirô Tsutsumi  ...  Yamakawa
Shirô Shimomoto  ...  Satoru Honda
Takuto Yonezu  ...  Takuto Honda
Masao Ishida  ...  The Man Next Door
Hiroshi Noguchi  ...  Policeman
Yoshihiro Shimada  ...  Delivery Man
Gôji Tsuno  ...  Composer
Yasushi Sasakibara  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Kind of a weird cool apartment, not much more than a few hundred square feet but with a dozen rooms. I couldn't stop trying to figure the floor plan for the entire run time

This might have seemed good back in the 80s, and it is a very professionally over-stylized production, but it's too slick for me today. It's relatively creepy throughout and there's a little gore moment at the end, but the main players are too well dressed and, my god, the hair and makeup department must have worked round the clock

I really don't know why I watched this and I must have obtained some bad bootleg because the soundtrack is definitely from some other film

Summary: After several strangely threatening calls from a local salesman, a homemaker becomes increasingly afraid to answer her apartment door.

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