Hatsuyuki no koi: Virgin snow   2007   Japan Virgin snow
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Director:Sang-hee Han
Studio:Dyne Films
Writer:Kazuhiko Ban
IMDb Rating:6.8 (329 votes)
Duration:103 min
Sang-hee Han  ...  (Director)
Kazuhiko Ban  ...  (Writer)
Jun-gi Lee  ...  Min Kim
Aoi Miyazaki  ...  Nanae Sasaki
Ayaka Morita  ...  Kaori
Otoha  ...  Mr. Fukuyama
Shun Shioya  ...  Yasuji Kojima
Miyu Yagyu  ...  Yuri Sasaki
Kimiko Yo  ...  Mayumi Sasaki
Jun-ki Lee  ...  Min Kim
Shigeru Ishihara  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Hatsuyuki no Koi is a Korea-Japan joint production movie, starring two of the hottest young stars from Asia, Lee and Miyazaki.

Summary: King and The Clown’s Lee Jun Ki and NANA’s Miyazaki Aoi star in the highly anticipated romance Virgin Snow (a.k.a. Hatsuyuki no Koi). Directed by Han Sang Hee, this glossy joint production provides the rare chance to see two of Japan and Korea’s top young stars together in a pure love story that transcends cultural and linguistic boundaries. With location shooting in Kyoto and Icheon, the film is backdropped by beautiful scenery, providing the perfect setting and atmosphere for a brief yet everlasting love. Virgin Snow also features Shioya Shun (Pacchigi!) and Morita Ayaka (Way of Blue Sky).

Korean college student Kim Min (Lee Jun Ki) moves to Kyoto with his father, a renowned professor and artist. Young and energetic, everything is new and exciting for Min as he explores his new home. On a fine spring day, he encounters Sasaki Nanae (Miyazaki Aoi) at a shrine, and falls in love at first sight. When he discovers that Nanae attends the same university as him, Min tries hard to win her heart. Though she is aloof at first, Nanae is touched by Min’s sincerity and they soon develop a close bond despite the language difficulties. They make a pact to go to Seoul together and stroll under winter’s first snowfall. But one day, Nanae suddenly disappears…

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