Tengoku no honya - koibi   2004   Japan Heaven's Bookstore
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Director:Tetsuo Shinohara
Studio:Tengoku no Hon'ya: Koibi Film Partners
Writer:Atsushi Matsuhisa, Wataru Tanaka
IMDb Rating:6.8 (210 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Genre:Drama, Romance
Duration:111 min
Tetsuo Shinohara  ...  (Director)
Atsushi Matsuhisa, Wataru Tanaka  ...  (Writer)
Yûko Takeuchi  ...  Shoko
Tetsuji Tamayama  ...  Kenta
Karina  ...  Yui
Hirofumi Arai  ...  Satoshi
Teruyuki Kagawa  ...  Takimoto
Yoshio Harada  ...  Yamaki
Ayumu Saitô  ...  
Akashi Takei  ...  
Shogo Ueno  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Yûko Takeuchi is great, doubly great in dual roles, but this is a pretty saccharine film.

Summary: Confectionary salesperson Kanako (Takeuchi Yuko) is busy trying to organise the "Love Fireworks" for the shopping street's Firework festival, which traditionally opens and closes the festival. Legend has it that the "Love Fireworks" can bless lovers with lifelong happiness, and Takimoto is the only firework master that can operate it. However, since an accident, Takimoto has given up on fireworks. Kanako found Takimoto in hopes to persuade him to operate it again. At the same time, pianist Kenta (Tamayama Tetsuji) finds himself in heaven even though he is still alive, and is working at the Heaven's Bookshop. One day at work, he sees his idol pianist Shoko (Tamayami Tetsuyi). However, something that happened made Shoko unable to play the piano. The two stories unfold in two different worlds somehow connects, and will the "Love Fireworks" come to life in time?

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