Mononoke-hime   1997   Japan Princess Mononoke
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Director:Hayao Miyazaki
Studio:DENTSU Music And Entertainment
Writer:Hayao Miyazaki, Neil Gaiman
IMDb Rating:8.4 (81,902 votes)
Awards:11 wins & 5 nominations
Genre:Animation, Fantasy
Duration:134 min
Hayao Miyazaki  ...  (Director)
Hayao Miyazaki, Neil Gaiman  ...  (Writer)
Yôji Matsuda  ...  Ashitaka
Yuriko Ishida  ...  San
Yûko Tanaka  ...  Eboshi-gozen (voice)
Kaoru Kobayashi  ...  Jiko-bô (voice)
Masahiko Nishimura  ...  Kouroku (voice)
Tsunehiko Kamijô  ...  Gonza (voice)
Sumi Shimamoto  ...  Toki
Tetsu Watanabe  ...  Yama-inu (voice)
Mitsuru Satô  ...  Tatari-gami (voice)
Akira Nagoya  ...  Usi-kai (voice)
Akihiro Miwa  ...  Moro-no-kimi (voice)
Mitsuko Mori  ...  Hii-sama (voice)
Hisaya Morishige  ...  Okkoto-nusi (voice)
Pamela Adlon  ...  Additional Voices (voice: English version) (as Pamela Segall)
Gillian Anderson  ...  Moro
Lewis Arquette  ...  Additional Voices (voice: English version)
Corey Burton  ...  Additional Voices (voice: English version)
Jennifer Cihi  ...  Tatara's Women Song (voice: English version)
Billy Crudup  ...  Ashitaka
Claire Danes  ...  San
Keith David  ...  Okkoto
John DeMita  ...  Kohroku (voice: English version)
Debi Derryberry  ...  Additional Voices (voice: English version)
John Di Maggio  ...  Gonza / Additional Voices (voice: English version)
Minnie Driver  ...  Lady Eboshi
Alex Fernandez  ...  Additional Voices (voice: English version)
Jack Fletcher  ...  Additional Voices (voice: English version)
Julia Fletcher  ...  Additional Voices (voice: English version) (as Julia DeMita)
Pat Fraley  ...  Additional Voices (voice: English version) (as Patrick Fraley)
Takako Fuji  ...  Woman in Iron Town
Kimihiro Hieizumi  ...  Jibashiri (voice)
John Hostetter  ...  Additional Voices (voice: English version)
Leslie Ishii  ...  Tatara's Women Song (voice: English version)
Yoshimasa Kondo  ...  Additional Voices (voice: English version)
John Rafter Lee  ...  Additional Voices (voice: English version)
Sherry Lynn  ...  Iron Town Woman / Emishi Villiage Girl (voice: English version)
Tress MacNeille  ...  Iron Town Woman / Additional Voices (voice: English version)
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn  ...  Tatara's Women Song (voice: English version)
Matt McKenzie  ...  Additional Voices (voice: English version)
Michael McShane  ...  Additional Voices (voice: English version)
Matt K. Miller  ...  Additional Voices (voice: English version)
Marnie Mosiman  ...  Additional Voices (voice: English version)
Adam Paul  ...  Additional Voices (voice: English version)
Jada Pinkett Smith  ...  Toki
David Rasner  ...  Additional Voices (voice: English version)
Dwight Schultz  ...  Additional Voices (voice: English version)
Tara Strong  ...  Kaya
Billy Bob Thornton  ...  Jigo
K.T. Vogt  ...  Complaining Wife (voice: English version)
Atsushi Okui  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Dual Audio
Another beautiful animation from Hayao Miyazaki. This one is a message film, and the message is one that nice people won't argue with but I found it a little overbearing and long-winded. However, I think this may have been the result of watching it with dubbed English audio. The translations, while kind of cute in their formality when you read them as subtitles, seem trite when spoken. Another distraction for me is Billy Bob Thornton. How does it turn out that the character he voices actually kinda looks like him? Do your self a favor and watch this with the original Japanese audio. It's a tremendous, and epic, film with animated cleavage and a couple decapitations. Don't get pulled out of the magic by "Here's Billy Bob again!" awkwardnesses.

Summary: Set in feudal Japan a time of upheaval of samurai warriors and isolated villages comes this story of a gun-wielding, young brave princess who was raised by wolves named Princess Mononoke who is sent to an ancient, forested land to defend the forest from human encroachment which threatens to unbalance the forces of nature. Ashitaka intervenes to stop the two sides fighting and takes San back to the forest, but is injured in the process. With San's intervention, he is healed of his wounds - but not his curse - by the forest spirit.

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