Tenshi   2006   Japan Angel
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Director:Mayumi Miyasaka
Studio:SeP K.K.
Writer:Satoko Okudera, Erika Sakurazawa
IMDb Rating:6.2 (120 votes)
Genre:Fantasy, Romance
Duration:117 min
Mayumi Miyasaka  ...  (Director)
Satoko Okudera, Erika Sakurazawa  ...  (Writer)
Kyôko Fukada  ...  Angel
Shigeru Izumiya  ...  Tano
Akemi Kobayashi  ...  Emi
Ei Morisako  ...  Chii
Hiromi Nagasaku  ...  Kasumi
Masatoshi Nagase  ...  Yoshikawa
Naomi Nishida  ...  Natsu
Saori  ...  Mizuho
Megumi Satô  ...  Miho
Asahi Uchida  ...  Kato
Haruko Wanibuchi  ...  Cat Woman
Yuki Ôtake  ...  Yumi
Ryo Yoshimata  ...  Composer
Masami Inomoto  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: This film is a cute cupcake with cute-sad frosting that's not sticky at all, nothing will dirty your fingers. Five yr/old Ei Morisako practically steals the adorableness award from Kyôko Fukada, the Angel. Hiromi Nagasaku looks about twenty-one in this film. Everybody's attractive, it's not stupid, the Angel loves to drink gin and lime, and there's a cat lady! This movie really packs a feel good punch without being cheap. It plays like a film, not a TV drama. There are four different character threads involving lonely hearts which are chaperoned by the Angel and they're all good. Gosh ... everybody, I love you, man.

Summary: One day, an angel materializes before Kato's eyes. While the angel seems like an average girl with a passion for gin and lime, she sports a pair of big white wings. Only lonely-hearted people can see her. She may seem ordinary, but this angel touches hearts and transforms lives.

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