Niji no megami   2006   Japan Rainbow Song
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Director:Naoto Kumazawa
Writer:Ami Sakurai, Ami Sakurai
IMDb Rating:7.3 (440 votes)
Awards:3 wins
Genre:Drama, Romance
Duration:118 min
Naoto Kumazawa  ...  (Director)
Ami Sakurai, Ami Sakurai  ...  (Writer)
Hayato Ichihara  ...  Tomoya Kishida
Juri Ueno  ...  Aoi Sato
Yû Aoi  ...  Kana Sato
Wakana Sakai  ...  Kyoko Asakura
Ami Suzuki  ...  Sayumi Kubo
Shôko Aida  ...  Chizuru Morikawa
Fumiyo Kohinata  ...  Yasujiro Sato
Kuranosuke Sasaki  ...  Shinsuke Higuchi
Hiroyuki Onoue  ...  Jiro Hattori
Kei Tanaka  ...  Gakuto Ogata
Tomohiro Kaku  ...  
Magy  ...  
Hidekazu Mashima  ...  
Miki Sakajou  ...  
Sakichi Satô  ...  
Emi Suzuki  ...  
Pierre Taki  ...  
Tomoko Tane  ...  
Ryosei Tayama  ...  
Machiko Washio  ...  
Satoshi Yamanaka  ...  
Lena Fujii  ...  Girl at cafe
Masayuki Fujii  ...  Cinematographer
Shinichi Tsunoda  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: Tomoya, a production assistant for a television company in Japan, hears the news with the rest of the crew that Aoi has been killed in an air crash in Death Valley, California. He reflects upon his friendship with this feisty young woman who left the country to broaden her horizons as an aspiring director. He took the job she left, and ironically they first met when he attempted to bribe her away from her job at a record store so that he could be near her co-worker, a girl he wished to date. Although considered a nuisance at first, Aoi finds him a bit of a kindred spirit and casts him in a leading role in her college student film, "The End of the World" which she has written and will direct. Aoi takes the leading role opposite Tomoya when her leading actress Kyoko refuses to do a kissing scene. The two continue to console each other about their lack of romantic relationships and job opportunities in an outwardly platonic manner, but underneath deeper currents are running. Aoi's younger sister Kana may be physically blind, but she sees some emotional aspects of life more clearly than the normally sighted people in her life.

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