XX: utsukushiki emono   1996   Japan Beautiful Prey
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Director:Toshiharu Ikeda
Studio:Asian Pulp Cinema
Writer:Tamiya Takebashi, Setsu Yamaguchi
IMDb Rating:5.1 (33 votes)
Duration:100 min
Languages:English, Japanese
Toshiharu Ikeda  ...  (Director)
Tamiya Takebashi, Setsu Yamaguchi  ...  (Writer)
Kei Marimura  ...  Yu
Makiko Watanabe  ...  Noriko
Ren Osugi  ...  
Vincent Bagnall  ...  Tagari (voice)
Ren Ohsugi  ...  Tagari
Comments: Been stalking Makiko Watanabe after seeing her brilliant performance in M/Other. This is one of those creepy Japanese films about abusing women and getting them to take their clothes off, pretending to be about something interesting. Oh well. It was early in her career.

Summary: A beautiful police officer is trapped at the scene of an S&M crime. Caught between the sadist and his beguiling victim, she must use her wits and her gun to escape a den of evil!

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