Megane   2007   Japan Glasses
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Director:Naoko Ogigami
Writer:Naoko Ogigami
IMDb Rating:7.3 (413 votes)
Awards:1 win & 1 nomination
Genre:Comedy, Drama
Duration:106 min
Location:Yoron Island, Okinawa, Japan
Naoko Ogigami  ...  (Director)
Naoko Ogigami  ...  (Writer)
Satomi Kobayashi  ...  Taeko
Mikako Ichikawa  ...  Haruna
Ryo Kase  ...  Yomogi
Ken Mitsuishi  ...  Yuji
Masako Motai  ...  Sakura
Hiroko Yakushimaru  ...  Taeko's friend
Ken  ...  Koji
Takahiro Kaneko  ...  Composer
Comments: a couple of the same actresses that were in Kamome, is more of the same only twice as good. It's kind of surreal, too. A woman visits a faraway inn where everyone seems happy about living and doing not much of anything else beyond eating some magical shaved ice. She learns how to slow down, enjoy life, and "Twilight". The performances are great, the script is witty, the scenery and photography are gorgeous. Wonderful film.

Summary: After delighting audiences in 2006 with Kamome Shokudo, director Ogigami Naoko returns with another quirky and affecting tale of odd souls and minor revelations from the ends of the earth. Kamome Shokudo leads Motai Masako and Kobayashi Satomi star again in Megane (a.k.a. Glasses), a hazy-dazy escapist film about finding inspiration in idleness. Set on a beautiful island of blue sea and endless beach, Megane is candy for the eyes and chicken soup for the soul, proffering offbeat humor, low-key storytelling, and charismatic performances from its outstanding cast. In addition to the sassy tag team of Motai Masako and Kobayashi Satomi, Kase Ryo (I Just Didn't Do It), Mitsuishi Ken, and Ichikawa Mikako (Memories of Matsuko) also make welcome supporting appearances in this effortlessly charming film.

Harried and overworked, Taeko (Kobayashi Satomi) leaves the city for a much-needed island vacation. Stepping off a propeller plane onto golden sands, she drags her giant suitcase across the beach to Hamada Inn. Owner Yuji (Mitsuishi Ken) is impressed; it's the first time in three years a guest has made it to his inn without getting lost. The next morning Taeko wakes up to the greetings of peculiar fellow vacationer Sakura (Motai Masako) who leads the townspeople in funny morning calisthenics on the beach. Thus begins Taeko's strange vacation on this strange island full of strange people. At first Taeko finds the laidback attitude and mass idleness hard to bear, but soon she too begins to see the joy in "twilighting".

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