Puratonikku sekusu   2001   Japan Platonic Sex
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Director:Masako Matsûra
Studio:Fuji Television Network
Writer:Ai Iijima
IMDb Rating:5.8 (233 votes)
Awards:2 wins
Duration:104 min
Masako Matsûra  ...  (Director)
Ai Iijima  ...  (Writer)
Saki Kagami  ...  Aoi Kadokura
Jô Odagiri  ...  Toshimi Iwasaki
Maho Nonami  ...  Akemi Yamaguchi
Kenjirô Ishimaru  ...  Yoshio Kadokura
Toshie Negishi  ...  Yukiko Kadokura
Taisihû Kase  ...  Makoto Kanai
Hiroshi Abe  ...  Hideyuki Ishikawa
Maiko Takagi  ...  
Yûsuke Kamiji  ...  
Hiroyuki Kishi  ...  
Mantarô Koichi  ...  
Yoshiyuki Morita  ...  
Mitsuru Murata  ...  
Ikuji Nakamura  ...  
Hitomi Satô  ...  
Toshihiko Sahashi  ...  Composer
Shozo Kawashima  ...  Editor
Comments: Based on a true story this is a standard—unfortunately—tale of a teenwho's raped, blamed for it, abused and disowned by her family and thenenters the sex industry. There's a few too many "You only perceivewhat's important to you when it's gone" dialog moments, but I enjoyedthe sad and dreamlike, as opposed to angry or exploitive, tone of thefilm. Three good performances included: Jo Odagiri is solid and sweetas the good guy. (I've seen a handful of his films and this is myfavorite Jo performance); Hiroshi Abe brings humor and strange insightsas a flamboyant 'benefactor' and keeps the film from ever becoming toosappy; and Saki Kagami in the lead role, with baby fat in her cheeks,plays naive but smart through dumb faith (in something). She seems likeher innocence might be unmasked at any moment but it never quite is. Attimes she seems creepily too young to be playing a role like this butnever really slides off the edge. She gets props from me. PLATONIC SEXis not a great film by any stretch of the imagination. There's reallynothing new and some of the writing is a little too precious, but Igive it a marginal rent-not-buy recommendation because, by notattempting too much it gives itself a better chance of succeeding. AndI think it does with the help of three above average performances—twoby a couple pros and one from a newcomer.

Summary: Based on the true story of the life of Ai Iijima ... On Aoi's seventeenth birthday, she is raped by her friends and later rejected by her family. She decides to end her miserable life by jumping off from the roof of the school. At this moment, she receives an email message on her cell phone. It is a wrong number, but ironically she finds consolation in the message and decides to live. From then on, her life is entirely changed - Aoi becomes the hottest starlet in the AV industry, named Ai.

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