Gimî hebun   2005   Japan Synesthesia
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Director:Toru Matsuura
Studio:Euro Space
Writer:Yuji Sakamoto
IMDb Rating:5.9 (206 votes)
Duration:122 min
Toru Matsuura  ...  (Director)
Yuji Sakamoto  ...  (Writer)
Yôsuke Eguchi  ...  Shinsuke Hayama
Masanobu Andô  ...  Takashi Nohara
Aoi Miyazaki  ...  Mari Michiki
Hijiri Kojima  ...  Fuyuko Karaki
Minoru Torihada  ...  Soichiro Konno
Shigemitsu Ogi  ...  Koichi Namegawa
Toshiyuki Kitami  ...  Takuro Tsuge
Yuriko Ishida  ...  Aki Shibata
Ryûhei Matsuda  ...  Kaoru Homura
Mayuko Fukuda  ...  Mari Michiki - Young
Christine M. Auten  ...  Psychiatrist
Chris Ayres  ...  Dr. Namekawa
Clint Bickham  ...  Kaoru
Jessica Boone  ...  Mari
April Brem  ...  Additional Voices
Jun Abe  ...  Composer
Nido  ...  Composer
Kenji Takama  ...  Cinematographer
Naoki Kaneko  ...  Editor
Comments: Interesting concept lurking within a tired idea of a thriller brought crashing down hard by horrifical acting. Miyazaki Aoi couldn't even save this. I recently saw this guy, Eguchi Yosuke, in CHILDREN OF THE DARK, where he appeared to have phoned in his performance during a break from his day job as a soap opera actor. Here, he confirms his lack of skill, being nothing more than a haircut. The entire film was cast full of his ilk. Painful.

Summary: Shinsuke (Eguchi Yosuke) suffers from a rare condition called synethesia, a sensory problem, where one form of stimulus triggers a completely separate response. He feels that this problem isolates him from the rest of society and so he keeps it secret as best he can, even from his best friend and his fiancee. Mari (Ishida Yuriko) suffers from a similar problem, and also keeps it secret. Her parents passed away years ago, and when her adoptive parents die mysteriously Mira begins to take more interest in the world around her, uncovering serial murders, mysterious codes and a bizarre stranger - Picasso - the merchant of Death. Shinsuke crosses path with both of these characters and fears that Mari is to become Picasso's latest victim!

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