2004   Japan L'amant
L'amant Image Cover
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Director:Ryuichi Hiroki
Studio:Arcimboldo Y.K.
Writer:Yamada Naito
IMDb Rating:6.1 (116 votes)
Duration:92 min
Ryuichi Hiroki  ...  (Director)
Yamada Naito  ...  (Writer)
Nozomi Andô  ...  Chikako
Yûya Endô  ...  
Ayaka Maeda  ...  Ryôko Karatani
Tomorowo Taguchi  ...  A
Jun Murakami  ...  B
Ren Ohsugi  ...  C
Kazuhiro Suzuki  ...  Cinematographer
Jun'ichi Kikuchi  ...  Editor
Comments: Ryuichi Hiroki tries to treat this really creepy premise of a girl who sells herself to three men for a year. He pulls it off but it's still creepy.

Summary: On her 17th birthday Chikako meets up with three older men to engage in a collective one year love relationship. The moral implications of her actions are left up to the audience to ponder as the movie depicts only subtly the consequences of her actions.

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