1994   Japan Undo
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Director:Shunji Iwai
Writer:Shunji Iwai
IMDb Rating:6.7 (284 votes)
Awards:2 wins
Duration:47 min
Shunji Iwai  ...  (Director)
Shunji Iwai  ...  (Writer)
Etsushi Toyokawa  ...  Yukio
Tomoko Yamaguchi  ...  Moemi
Tomorowo Taguchi  ...  Psychiatrist
Noboru Shinoda  ...  Cinematographer
Remedios  ...  Composer
Comments: Interesting short (45 minutes) from Shunji Iwai about the ambiguous relationship of being tied up (or down) and let loose. Strong performance from Tomoko Yamaguchi as a girl diagnosed with "Obsessive Knot-Binding Syndrome" ... Haha.

Summary: Moemi is not overly pleased when Yukio brings home a couple of turtles to keep her company. Although Yukio works at home as a writer, Moemi feels neglected and desired a dog or a cat, but neither is allowed in their apartment. He drills a hole in the front of one turtle's shell so that it can be taken for walks on a leash, but Moemi spares the second from the same fate by proclaiming it "The House Turtle." Their lives seem reasonably happy until she has her braces removed, and Yukio finds kissing her less satisfying. She soon starts tying up everything in her sight with knotted twine, starting with the turtles. A psychiatrist diagnoses "Obsessive Knot-Binding Syndrome" due to deficiencies in her relationship with Yukio. Moemi continues to expand her activities, tying herself in knots with cords stretching across the apartment. The doctor tells Yukio that her illness has reached a critical point, and that he should tie her up that evening. This he proceeds to do, with her encouraging him to bind her more and more. Where will this end ?

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