1996   Japan Helpless
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Director:Shinji Aoyama
Studio:Japan Satellite Broadcasting (JBS)
Writer:Shinji Aoyama
IMDb Rating:6.9 (125 votes)
Awards:4 wins & 1 nomination
Duration:80 min
Shinji Aoyama  ...  (Director)
Shinji Aoyama  ...  (Writer)
Tadanobu Asano  ...  Kenji Shiraishi
Ken Mitsuishi  ...  Yasuo Matsumura
Yoichiro Saito  ...  Akihiko
Hiroko Isayama  ...  
Taro Suwa  ...  
Kaori Tsuji  ...  Yuri Matsumura
Masaki Tamura  ...  Cinematographer
Yôichirô Saitô  ...  Akihiko
Tarô Suwa  ...  
Shinji Aoyama  ...  Composer
Isao Yamada  ...  Composer
Shûichi Kakesu  ...  Editor
Comments: Worth it for the uber-young Tadanobu Asano sporting a Nevermind t-shirt

The film itself is about what you'd expect from a high school kid who just got a Super8 camera and shoots his first film. Yakusa, violence, a weird girl, ennui. And damn did I watch a terrible dvd rip

Since I just recently watched Aoyama's Eureka for the third time, and it kicked my ass again, I decided to watch this and Sad Vacation to get the whole picture

This wasn't very exciting but I can see it sort of sets the stage

Summary: Yasuo is a gangster just released from jail. Believing his boss double-crossed him, enraged Yasuo is on his way to find the boss. But before setting out for the dangerous trip, Yasuo asks Kenji to take care of his mentally challenged sister, Yuri, and a mysterious black bag.

The talented Shinji Aoyama made his directorial debut with this controversial film. A high school student named Kenji meets his friend Yasuo, a yakuza who has just come out of prison. Yasuo asks Kenji to keep his bag but does not tell him what is in it. Tamura's camera captures a series of non-articulated violence against the background of a green, rural Japan in sober, long takes. Helpless neither justifies nor aestheticizes violence, but simply presents it as it occurs, using dense, deep-focus/long-take mise-en-scène.

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