Hito ga hito o ai suru koto no dôshiyô mo nasa   2007   Japan The Brutal Hopelessness of Love
The Brutal Hopelessness of Love Image Cover
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Director:Takashi Ishii
Studio:OB Kikaku
Writer:Takashi Ishii
IMDb Rating:5.2 (58 votes)
Genre:Drama, CAT III
Duration:117 min
Takashi Ishii  ...  (Director)
Takashi Ishii  ...  (Writer)
Mai Kitajima  ...  Nami Tsuchiya
Toshiyuki Nagashima  ...  Yosuke Tsuchiya
Kanji Tsuda  ...  Okano
Mikage  ...  Junko Kotani
Naoto Takenaka  ...  Katsuragi
Yôzaburô Itô  ...  
Akio Jô  ...  
Shun Nakayama  ...  
Kiriko Shimizu  ...  
Tôru Shinagawa  ...  
Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi  ...  
Goro Yasukawa  ...  Composer
Yasushi Sasakibara  ...  Cinematographer
Rokuro Terada  ...  Cinematographer
Yûji Murayama  ...  Editor
Comments: Magnificent title! It's not often that I find these CAT III Japanese art-house equivalents of late-night Skinemax flicks that interesting (or erotic) but this one works. It's got a thoughtful, if not rigorously tight plot, so to speak. An actress is interviewed about her upcoming film that's about a film within a film within a film and discusses how it all iminges on her real (and sexual fantasy) life. Mai Kitajima's performance is gutsy, tough, and involved. It's Japanese so there's bondage, and violence colors the sexual explorations. The cinematography is great and the occasional censoring is done artfully with lighting flares. This isn't just cheap softcore. It's a real film by a real director with a warped sense of female sexuality and a good eye for capturing it.

Summary: Famous movie actress Nami is being interviewed by a magazine reporter about her new film in which the plot resembles her real life. Her actor husband Yosuke has an affair with a young actress Junko whereas in the movie. Nami acts as an actress whose husband has an extramantial relationship with a young girl, with Yosuke as the husband and Junko as the new girl friend in the course of the interview. Nami falls into deep thoughts and flashbacks about her lascivious encounters with strangers in a night train...

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