1964   Japan Onibaba
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Director:Kaneto Shindô
Studio:Kindai Eiga Kyokai
Writer:Kaneto Shindô
IMDb Rating:7.9 (7,526 votes)
Awards:2 wins
Duration:103 min
Kaneto Shindô  ...  (Director)
Kaneto Shindô  ...  (Writer)
Nobuko Otowa  ...  Kichi's Mother
Jitsuko Yoshimura  ...  Kichi's Wife
Kei Sato  ...  Hachi (as Kei Satô)
Jûkichi Uno  ...  Samurai General
Taiji Tonoyama  ...  Ushi
Senshô Matsumoto  ...  Runaway Warrior A
Kentaro Kaji  ...  Runaway Warrior B (as Kentarô Kaji)
Hosui Araya  ...  Ushi's Follower
Fudeko Tanaka  ...  Old Woman
Michinori Yoshida  ...  Samurai with Blood
Hiroyoshi Yamaguchi  ...  Horse Riding Samurai A
Hiroshi Tanaka  ...  Horse Riding Samurai B
Kanzô Uni  ...  Horse Riding Samurai C
Nobuko Shimakage  ...  Child
Kiyomi Kuroda  ...  Cinematographer
Kei Satô  ...  Hachi
Kentarô Kaji  ...  Runaway Warrior B
Hikaru Hayashi  ...  Composer
Toshio Enoki  ...  Editor
Comments: Old movie with bad A/V sync. No time for it

Summary: After being forcefully inducted as a soldier into war in 14th century Japan, his wife and mother remain living in a swamp. They eke out their living by ambushing worn-out warriors, killing them and selling their belongings to a greedy merchant. The woman comes to mistrust her daughter-in-law who has coupled up with a deserter, and begins to wear a facial mask she has taken from a slain samurai. Soon the mask will not come off again. In this disguise she is at first taken for a demon by her daughter.

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