Tôkyô Marîgôrudo   2001   Japan Tokyo Marigold
Tokyo Marigold Image Cover
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Director:Jun Ichikawa
Studio:DENTSU Music And Entertainment
Writer:Mariko Hayashi, Jun Ichikawa
IMDb Rating:7.0 (83 votes)
Duration:97 min
Jun Ichikawa  ...  (Director)
Mariko Hayashi, Jun Ichikawa  ...  (Writer)
Rena Tanaka  ...  Eriko Sakai
Yukiyoshi Ozawa  ...  Tamura
Yôichirô Saitô  ...  Miyashita
Hotaru  ...  
Kirin Kiki  ...  Ritsuko Sakai
Akira Terao  ...  Kunio
Yoshikazu Suo  ...  Composer
Tatsuhiko Kobayashi  ...  Cinematographer
Tomoh Sanjo  ...  Editor
Comments: Nothing to say here except it bored the crap out of me. A film with zero charisma. I'm willing to admit I was in the wrong mood for it. I had been saving it up for a long time, sure that it would be good, and after all the "OK" films I had just watched I was hoping for a winner. I'm very audio oriented as a film viewer and I thought the soundtrack was corny bad, not to mention the extended whistling at the beginning. Whistling is a HUGE pet peeve of mine, annoys the crap out of me, so that was a big hole to climb out of.

Summary: Tokyo Marigold...is a contemporary look at modern day relationships, following the protagonist, Eriko Sakai (Rena Tanaka) in her very strange proposal and arrangement with Tamura (Yukiyoshi Ozawa).

Meeting in a blind group date, they start off as platonic friends, before dating casually, and while we know that Eriko is single and lonely (suspend your disbelief here, as if pretty women don't experience that sometimes?), Tamura is awaiting the return of his girlfriend from America. As we hear of horror stories involving long distance relationships and the relatively higher propensity to cheat on each other, Eriko and Tamura go deeper into their relationship and enter the next stage, except that their contract stems from a strange agreement that Eriko sets, that Tamura be her boyfriend for just one year, before his girlfriend returns to Japan.

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