Yomei 1-kagetsu no hanayome   2009   Japan April Bride
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Director:Ryuichi Hiroki
Studio:Toho Company
Writer:Hiroshi Saitô
IMDb Rating:6.5 (100 votes)
Awards:2 wins
Duration:129 min
Ryuichi Hiroki  ...  (Director)
Hiroshi Saitô  ...  (Writer)
Nana Eikura  ...  Chie Nagashima
Eita  ...  Taro Akasu
Akira Emoto  ...  Teishi Nagashima
Ryûki Nishimoto  ...  
Ren Ohsugi  ...  Toshiro Akasu
Tomorowo Taguchi  ...  Okuno
Satomi Tezuka  ...  Kayoko
Kanji Tsuda  ...  Okada
Hiroshi Yamamoto  ...  
Misako Yasuda  ...  Hanako
Yoshinori Ohashi  ...  Composer
Kôichi Saitô  ...  Cinematographer
Jun'ichi Kikuchi  ...  Editor
Comments: Based on a true story of a young woman with breast cancer whose boyfriend decides to marry her just before she dies, takes its cue from many a standard Korean disease of the week melodrama. It has some cute and touching moments, but overall it doesn't reach the level of sadness the Koreans are able to pull off. Without slighting the actors too much, I felt they were just too young to really get there. They seemed like young actors trying as best they could to yank at our heartstrings. They were cute when they were supposed to be cute but when it came time to weep they seemed to have trouble shedding their youthful sense of invincibility and had to resort to acting without having the requisite life experience to draw from.

Summary: A young woman is diagnosed with breast cancer but keeps the information from her boyfriend. When he finds out, he decides to plan a wedding even though she only has one month to live.

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