Zerachin shirubâ love   2009   Japan Gelatin Silver, Love
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Director:Kazumi Kurigami
Studio:Geneon Entertainment
Writer:Mitsunori Gu, Kazumi Kurigami
IMDb Rating:6.4 (62 votes)
Genre:Drama, Thriller
Duration:87 min
Kazumi Kurigami  ...  (Director)
Mitsunori Gu, Kazumi Kurigami  ...  (Writer)
Masatoshi Nagase  ...  Photographer
Rie Miyazawa  ...  Assasin
Kôji Yakusho  ...  Client
Yûki Amami  ...  Lounge Hostess
Erina Mizuno  ...  School Girl
Sayaka  ...  Violin Player
Shiro Chiba  ...  Cinematographer
Kazumi Kurigami  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: A voyeur (Masatoshi Nagase) secretly photographs a mysterious woman (Rie Miyazawa) from his stark apartment which faces hers. He becomes transfixed as he witnesses her go through her daily routines, and stacks videotape after videotape of the footage he takes. One day while following her, he comes across a bloody car wreck in which the victim crashed his luxury car into a guardrail. In the crowd of witnesses, he notices the woman he’s been following and inadvertently releases the shutter of his camera, snapping photographs of her reaction. Later, he hands over a bag of videotapes to his client (Koji Yakusho) and asks him who the woman is. He is becoming totally obsessed with her, and their paths will soon cross again.

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