Himitsu no hanazono   1997   Japan My Secret Cache
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Director:Shinobu Yaguchi
Studio:Geneon [Pioneer]
Writer:Takuji Suzuki, Shinobu Yaguchi
IMDb Rating:7.2 (238 votes)
Awards:2 wins
Genre:Comedy, Crime
Duration:85 min
Shinobu Yaguchi  ...  (Director)
Takuji Suzuki, Shinobu Yaguchi  ...  (Writer)
Naomi Nishida  ...  Sakiko
Gô Rijû  ...  Edogawa
Noriko Tanaka  ...  Mika Suzuki
Yôji Tanaka  ...  Rockclimbing instructor
Kazue Tsunogae  ...  Tomiko Suzuki
Shinobu Tsuruta  ...  Mikio Suzuki
Masahiro Kishimoto  ...  Cinematographer
Hikaru Ijûin  ...  
Taketoshi Naitô  ...  
Comments: A light comedy caper of sorts which, to its credit, attempted to stay in a low gear, but … well … it stayed in low gear. Nice performance from Nishida Naomi in the lead. She really kept the viewer rooting for her to accomplish all the strange things she attempted in trying to track down a suitcase full of cash.

Summary: Shinobu Yaguchi -- who directed such comedies as Down the Drain and Adrenaline Drive -- spins this get-rich-quick caper comedy. Sakiko Suzuki (Naomi Nishida) is a shy, mousy lass with one unusual kink -- she loves counting money. Naturally, she is overjoyed when she lands a job as a bank teller. Yet she soon realizes that counting Yen loses its glamour when you can't keep any of it. She fantasizes about becoming a hostage in a daring bank robbery, if only to alleviate the tedium of her job. Then one day, her dream comes true, as she's spirited out of the bank by a pair of crooks and stuffed into the truck of their car. As luck would have it, the thugs prove to be remarkably bad drivers; during their getaway, they careen off a mountain road and into a valley. Just as the car explodes in flames, Sakiko and the suitcase full of money are thrown free of the wreck. Passing out as she clutches the suitcase, she floats down a mountain stream, and over a waterfall. She comes to by a surprised group of picnickers and quickly surmises that the suitcase -- containing five hundred million yen (about five million bucks) -- has been sucked into an underground grotto. If she some how managed to retrieve the loot, if would be the perfect crime. The police and bank assumed that the dough burned up with the crooks. Sakiko quickly transforms from a mousy oddball to a superwoman. She enrolls at a university expressly to study geology, rock climbing, scuba diving, and anything else that would get her the money...

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