Miyoko Asagaya Feeling   2009   Japan Miyoko Asagaya kibun
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Director:Yoshifumi Tsubota
Studio:Adways Pictures
Writer:Shinichi Abe, Shinsaku Fukuda
IMDb Rating:5.1 (28 votes)
Awards:1 win
Duration:86 min
Yoshifumi Tsubota  ...  (Director)
Shinichi Abe, Shinsaku Fukuda  ...  (Writer)
Kenji Mizuhashi  ...  Shinichi Abe
Marî Machida  ...  Miyoko
Shoichi Honda  ...  Kenji kawamoto
Anji  ...  Machiko
Shirô Sano  ...  Editor
Seiichi Hayashi  ...  Editor-in-chief
Susumu Gôndô  ...  (as Shinzô Takano)
Yoichi Iijima  ...  Bar customer
Maki Ishikawa  ...  Mamasan
Dirty Kudô  ...  Bar customer
Sammy Maeda  ...  Bar customer
Shiva  ...  Cartoonist
Jtarô Sugisaku  ...  Customer
Jun Tabuchi  ...  Bar customer
Tadao Tsuge  ...  Cartoonist
Daisuke Yamazaki  ...  Cinematographer
Masayuki Yonaha  ...  Cinematographer
Marie Machida  ...  Miyoko
Ginpachi Ginza  ...  
Masumi Hara  ...  
Daisuke Iijima  ...  
Atsushi Ishikawa  ...  
Tôyô Kataoka  ...  
Yûichi Kishino  ...  
Comments: Another tortured genius and the long suffering woman who puts up with him. Ho Hum. Miyoko is an interesting character, as many of the type are, but the guy is not, and the guy that acts him isn't very good. There's some interesting photography but it seems like it was done with inexpensive equipment. Seems like guys just gotta get one these films out of their system to fulfill some choking the chicken in public fantasy or something.

Summary: Adaptations of manga are a mainstay of contemporary Japanese cinema. Most manga/film crossovers are built solely with marketing in mind. Miyoko Asagaya Kibun is from a definitely different sensibility. Adapting Shiniro Abe’s seminal 1970s mangas that documented the craziness of the times along with his own faltering grasp on mental stability, Miyoko Asagaya Kibun mixes manga, fiction, history and biography brilliantly. This directing debut by Yoshifumi Tsubota is the most auspicious of the year.

Voted by Japanese critics as one of the Ten Best Japanese Film for 2009.

In the early seventies, Abe Shinichi is a struggling manga artist living in the artists' quarter of Tokyo. He sleeps free of rent in the apartment of his girlfriend Miyoko, a barmaid who is also the couple's sole source of income. Abe keeps obsessively drawing pictures of her, and although he is manic and demanding she obviously enjoys being the center of his attention.

Doubting his own talent as an artist and his skill as a writer, Abe decides to create a manga about his time with Miyoko, a diary of sorts. This work candidly portrays Abe's daily life, his feelings for Miyoko and all of the ups and downs in their relationship, including his once-off infidelity and his growing addiction to alcohol. The diary actually gets picked up for publication and will later turn out to have been his biggest masterpiece, cementing his relation with Miyoko even though his behavior grows more and more bizar...

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