Chikan densha: Shitagi kensatsu   1984   Japan Groper Train: The Search for the Black Pearl
Groper Train: The Search for the Black Pearl Image Cover
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Director:Yôjirô Takita
Studio:Shishi Productions
Writer:Isao Takagi
IMDb Rating:5.8 (39 votes)
Duration:64 min
Yôjirô Takita  ...  (Director)
Isao Takagi  ...  (Writer)
Yukijirô Hotaru  ...  
Shûji Kataoka  ...  (as Tomoyasu Shû)
Kaoru Kaze  ...  
Kazumi Kimura  ...  
Serina Miyabi  ...  
Mitsuo Nakayama  ...  
Yuka Takemura  ...  (as Yûka Takemura)
Naoto Takenaka  ...  
Yoichi Shiga  ...  Cinematographer
Shôji Sakai  ...  Editor
Summary: Actually the sixth installment of the Groper Train series, the film begins in earnest as a dying war veteran with knowledge of the location of the world's largest black pearl utters a mysterious clue to his wife Matsuko with his dying breath - "pussy print". Matsuko hires a world famous detective named Ippei to help her find the pearl, but he runs out of ideas after a particularly intimate investigation of young girls on a crowded train. Enter mystery writer Seichi Matsuki, who eventually helps reveal the surprising location of the pearl, but not before a series of double crosses and sexual escapades.

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