Amarufi: Megami no hôshû   2009   Japan Amalfi: Rewards of the Goddess
Amalfi: Rewards of the Goddess Image Cover
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Director:Hiroshi Nishitani
Writer:Yûichi Shinbo, Hiroshi Nishitani
IMDb Rating:6.2 (160 votes)
Duration:125 min
Hiroshi Nishitani  ...  (Director)
Yûichi Shinbo, Hiroshi Nishitani  ...  (Writer)
Yûji Oda  ...  Kosaku Kuroda
Yûki Amami  ...  Saeko Yagami
Erika Toda  ...  Kanae Adachi
Kôichi Satô  ...  Masaki Fujii
Nene Ohtsuka  ...  Yoshimi Haba
Atsushi Itô  ...  Mikiyasu Taniki
Akira Onodera  ...  Kiyofumi Kikuhara
Mitsuru Hirata  ...  Wataru Kawagoe
Shirô Sano  ...  Michio Nishino
Ayane Omori  ...  Madoka Yagami
Sarah Brightman  ...  Herself
Masaharu Fukuyama  ...  Shogo Saeki
Ugo De Cesare  ...  
Kiichi Nakai  ...  Hiroshi Kataoka (voice)
Nico Toffoli  ...  Street Fighter
Hideo Yamamoto  ...  Cinematographer
Ayane Ômori  ...  Madoka Yagami
Luis Fernandez-Gil  ...  Roberto
Comments: Starts off as a decent "My little girl's been kidnapped" thriller and then shoots itself in the foot complicatedly morphing into a melodramatic "Assassinate a Foreign Minister" thriller.

Summary: A G-8 summit is set for Rome the day after Christmas; the Italian and Japanese governments will announce an aid package for the Balkans. Kondura arrives from Tokyo to improve security at the embassy, making waves with his direct manner. A Japanese tourist who's a single mother reports that her young daughter has been kidnapped. Posing as the woman's husband, Kondura takes the lead with the kidnappers, who want money and no cops. However, the law requires that Kondura notify local authorities, who blunder a bit. Various exchanges go awry; then the kidnappers send the mother and Kondura to the Amalfi coast on what appears to be a goose chase. Why the delay? What's going on?

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