Tomoshibi   2007   Japan Love Twisted
Love Twisted Image Cover
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Director:Ryôko Yoshida
Studio:Euro Space
Writer:Ryôko Yoshida
IMDb Rating:6.9 (26 votes)
Duration:79 min
Ryôko Yoshida  ...  (Director)
Ryôko Yoshida  ...  (Writer)
Sola Aoi  ...  
Masashi Endô  ...  
Aoba Kawai  ...  
Yumeka Sasaki  ...  
Kôichi Saitô  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Tried be arty. When arty doesn't work it's really boring and pretenscious.

Summary: Yuko Yajima (Aoba Kawai) works at a library. To her co-workers she appears as an extremely shy and introverted person who hardly lets anyone know her true feelings and never smiles. However her interest in a man living in room 202, Mamoru Kosino (Masaru Engo), leads Yuko into some risque behavior. The interest turns into obsession, as Yuko's jealousy turns into a thrilling game where she sneaks into apartments and scares tenants away, hoping to have Mamoru all to herself.

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