Yoi ga sametara ie ni kaero   2010   Japan Wandering Home
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Director:Yoichi Higashi
Studio:Siglo Ltd.
Writer:Rieko Saibara, Yoichi Higashi
IMDb Rating:7.3 (31 votes)
Duration:118 min
Yoichi Higashi  ...  (Director)
Rieko Saibara, Yoichi Higashi  ...  (Writer)
Tadanobu Asano  ...  
Hiromi Nagasaku  ...  
Sei Ando  ...  
Sei Andô  ...  
Ken'ichi Takitô  ...  
Comments: This should have been (or, really, I just wanted it to be, assumed it would be) a home run. I mean, Tadanobu Asano and Hiromi Nagasaku! It's not a strike out, just a wimpy blooper easily caught by the firstbase man. I guess I was hoping for a Japanese Leaving Las Vegas. There are a couple peculiar, very short flashbacks meant to show the "bad" about alcoholism but the rest of the film is all wonderful, thoughtful, peaceful, lovey dovey crap. Useless time spent getting to know the people Asano shares the rehab ward with. His perfect children inexplicably love him unconditionally, and his ex-wife (Nagasaku) ... ah, who cares. Big let down.

Summary: Tadanobu Asano stars as war photojournalist named Yasuyuki Tsukahara who’s risked his life traveling all over the world to photograph various combat zones. When he returns to Japan, he marries a popular cartoonist named Yuki Sonoda (Hiromi Nagasaku) and they soon have two children. However, Yasuyuki’s alcoholism causes him to become abusive to Yuki and he repeatedly bursts into drunken frenzies. The couple eventually get divorced and Yasuyuki is committed to a psychiatric hospital when he’s unable quit drinking on his own. Having eroded his body and mind with alcohol, Yasuyuki actually feels a strange sense of relief in the hospital. He’s later moved to the “Alcholic Ward” where he meets several other patients and spends his days living a calm life. Although it’s difficult to support her ex-husband, Yuki even takes time out from her busy schedule to bring him lunches with their kids. When Yasuyuki “sobers up”, both mentally and physically, he finally realizes that his real “home” is with his family.

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