Kuhio Taisa   2009   Japan The Wonderful World of Captain Kuhio
The Wonderful World of Captain Kuhio Image Cover
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Director:Daihachi Yoshida
Studio:Amuse Soft Entertainment
Writer:Kazumasa Yoshida, Daihachi Yoshida
IMDb Rating:5.8 (99 votes)
Awards:5 wins
Duration:112 min
Daihachi Yoshida  ...  (Director)
Kazumasa Yoshida, Daihachi Yoshida  ...  (Writer)
Sakura Andô  ...  Rika Kinoshita
Sei Andô  ...  
Reila Aphrodite  ...  
Hirofumi Arai  ...  Tatsuya Nagano
Kanji Furutachi  ...  Shigeru Kuroda
Michael Hexum  ...  SPEC-OPS Team Member
Yasuko Matsuyuki  ...  
Hikari Mitsushima  ...  Haru
Koron Mizuno  ...  
Yûko Nakamura  ...  
Masato Sakai  ...  
Seiyô Uchino  ...  (as Masaaki Uchino)
Shôichi Atô  ...  Cinematographer
Kumi Okada  ...  Editor
Comments: OK con story. The ladies are fine, but Masato Sakai is nothing short of repulsive. It's not his fake nose. It's the pucker-faced delivery, like he's trying to illustrate what the stick up his ass makes his asshole look like.

Summary: Set in the early 1990's, after The Persian Gulf War began, a 30 year old man passes himself off as Colonel Kuhio a pilot for an American Special Unit. He also boasts that he is the offspring of Kamehameha I (the first King of Hawaii) and a distant relative of Queen Elizabeth of England. In actuality, the man is a marriage swindler looking for his next big score.

Shinobu Nagano (Yasuko Matsuyuki) is a bento box shop owner who falls for the smooth talking Col. Kuhio. Kuhio has already proposed to Shinobu, which she has accepted. Kuhio has promised Shinobu that her wedding dress will be designed by the same designer as Princess Diana when she married. As they prepare for their wedding, Col. Kuhio approaches new target Haru Yasuoka (Hikari Mitsushima). Haru Yasuoka works in a museum of natural history. Col. Kuhio approaches the woman one day and strikes up a conversation. Kuhio notes that Haru's job requires her to give tours to little kids and he doesn't think she likes kids. Their conversation leaves Haru confused, but Kuhio does have her attention. Meanwhile, Michiko Sado (Yuko Nakamura) is the #1 hostess of Ginza and she is perhaps the only one able to give Col Kuhio a run for his money ...

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