2005   Japan Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek
Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek Image Cover
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Director:Shuhei Morita
Writer:Shiro Kuro, Shuhei Morita
IMDb Rating:6.9 (358 votes)
Genre:Animation, Short, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
Duration:25 min
Shuhei Morita  ...  (Director)
Shiro Kuro, Shuhei Morita  ...  (Writer)
Dan Green  ...  Yaimao (voice: English version)
Mika Ishibashi  ...  Tachiji (voice: Japanese version)
Akiko Kobayashi  ...  Suku (voice: Japanese version)
Rei Naito  ...  Noshiga (voice: Japanese version)
Rei Saito  ...  Noshiga (voice: Japanese version)
Sean Schemmel  ...  Noshiga (voice: English version)
Michael Sinterniklaas  ...  Hikora (voice: English version)
Masami Suzuki  ...  Sorincha (voice: Japanese version)
Junko Takeuchi  ...  Hikora (voice: Japanese version)
Veronica Taylor  ...  Suku (voice: English version)
Makoto Ueki  ...  Yaimao (voice: Japanese version)
Tom Wayland  ...  Tachiji (voice: English version)
Summary: In a street where no one lives, there is a rumor saying that if you play the game 'Otokoyo', or hide and seek after dark, demons will come and take you away. One night, 8 children play the game, each for their own reasons. A boy named Hikora has joined in search of his missing sister who played the game last. But when the game does begin, it becomes apparent that the rumors were true, and that children do get taken away, and Hikora discovers the fate of the one who is "it".

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