Inuneko   2004   Japan Dogs & Cats
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Director:Nami Iguchi
Studio:Onna Kodomo Films
Writer:Nami Iguchi
IMDb Rating:5.7 (33 votes)
Awards:4 wins
Duration:94 min
Nami Iguchi  ...  (Director)
Nami Iguchi  ...  (Writer)
Kanako Enomoto  ...  Yoko
Yôko Fujita  ...  Suzu
Shûgo Oshinari  ...  Mitaka
Eiko Koike  ...  
Hidetoshi Nishijima  ...  Furuta
Noboru Iguchi  ...  
Rumi Komatsu  ...  
Akihiko Suzuki  ...  Cinematographer
Tomomi Ôe  ...  
Comments: Ah, the quirky young Japanese. Thanks.

Summary: Suzu lives with Furuta, her fiance, but one day she leaves home without saying a word. She moves into the apartment of her friend Abe, but he has gone abroad and Yoko now lives in his apartment. Suzu and Yoko, who have known each other since childhood and have both always loved Furuta, thus find themselves sharing the same home.

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