Gipusu   2001   Japan Gips
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Director:Akihiko Shiota
Studio:Bitters End
Writer:Rena Horiuchi, Akihiko Shiota
IMDb Rating:6.8 (49 votes)
Duration:83 min
Akihiko Shiota  ...  (Director)
Rena Horiuchi, Akihiko Shiota  ...  (Writer)
Hinako Saeki  ...  Tamaki Hasegawa
Machiko Ono  ...  Kazuko
Hiromi Kuronuma  ...  
Toru Tezuka  ...  
Kanji Tsuda  ...  
Sô Yamanaka  ...  
Kazuhiro Suzuki  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Part of the "Love Cinema" series shot on DV to promote shoestring budgets and explore 'pure love' which also includes Miike's Visitor Q and Hiroki's Tokyo Trash Baby. Shiota likes to capitalize on the gray area between love and desire and this one sees him exploring a relationship of domination and submission again like his debut Moonlight Whispers. Girl takes to wearing a fake cast on her leg because of the way it promotes sympathy in others toward her. She mostly lures in men but things change when a girl becomes one of her emotional slaves. It's low-key, perverse, cruel, and kinky. It's also kind of funny and suspenseful.

Tokyo Trash Baby (2000)
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Enclosed Pain (2000)
Stake Out (2001)
Followed by
Visitor Q (2001) (V)

Summary: 22-year old secretary Kazuko first bumps into Tamaki on the way back from work. Tamaki is crawling along the sidewalk on crutches at a snail's pace, and stumbles into the young audiotypist after apparently having trouble with an ill-fitting shoe over her cast. After helping her back to her feet, Kazuko follows Tamaki back to her apartment, the two of them barely exchanging words.
Once in Tamaki's room, Kazuko is dispatched on an errand to fetch some beer...
Their game begins..

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