Sangatsu no raion   1991   Japan March Comes in Like a Lion
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Director:Hitoshi Yazaki
Writer:Hiroshi Miyazaki, Sachio Ono, Hitoshi Yazaki
IMDb Rating:6.8 (245 votes)
Duration:118 min
Hitoshi Yazaki  ...  (Director)
Hiroshi Miyazaki, Sachio Ono, Hitoshi Yazaki  ...  (Writer)
Bang-ho Cho  ...  Haruo
Kiyomi Ito  ...  House Wife
Kôen Okumura  ...  Grandpa
Yoshiko Yura  ...  Ice
Isao Ishii  ...  Cinematographer
Kiyomi Itô  ...  Housewife
Gakuryû Ishii  ...  Ramen Deliveryman
Shunichi Nagasaki  ...  
Takashi Naitô  ...  Man with a Hat
Sumiko Nomoto  ...  Midwife
Sho Saito  ...  Grandma
Comments: Strawberry Shortcakes is one of my favorite films. And with the director's Sweet Little Lies impressing almost as much I decided I needed to see what else he has done. This one is from way back there, 1991. The production values aren't that good but even with that disadvantage this film has some wonderful cinematographically great moments. Weird film, though. Some guy loses his memory so his sister pretends to be his lover. Slow-paced and surprisingly tender, considering the theme.

Summary: It's a few years since I saw this film - on a cheap vcd from the video shop in Sai Kung, Hong Kong. I checked out the IMDb page because I thought there'd be lots of rave reviews... but there's nothing... what's going on...? This is a superb film, extremely intense and thoughtful. There's a brother and his cute little sister, both a bit odd (one guy has lost his memory, the girl lives in a world of her own). They seem to be fending for themselves and drifting into decadence and obscurity.

The pace is slow, and very evocative of depression (which helps emphasise the happy moments) and there is very little dialogue, which is only to its benefit. Some lovely, quite tender scenes drift through your consciousness long after the film is over - in fact I'm still thinking about it.

As soon as I'd watched it I watched it over again - something I very rarely do - and it was even better. I can only imagine the film got a very limited release and it is not well known.

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