2002   Japan Blue
Blue Image Cover
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Director:Hiroshi Ando
Studio:Blue Production Partnership
Writer:Kiriko Nananan, Yuka Honcho
IMDb Rating:6.4 (195 votes)
Awards:1 win & 1 nomination
Genre:Drama, Romance
Duration:116 min
Hiroshi Ando  ...  (Director)
Kiriko Nananan, Yuka Honcho  ...  (Writer)
Mikako Ichikawa  ...  Kayako Kirishima
Manami Konishi  ...  Masami Endo
Asami Imajuku  ...  Mieko Nakano
Jun Murakami  ...  Older guy
Sôsuke Takaoka  ...  Manabu Mizuuchi
Kenzô Kawarasaki  ...  Teacher of world history
Asahi Yoshida  ...  Teacher of art
Ayano Nakamura  ...  Chika Watanabe
Yoshihide Ôtomo  ...  Composer
Kazuhiro Suzuki  ...  Cinematographer
Nobuko Tomita  ...  Editor
Summary: Quiet and introspective Kayako routinely has lunch on a rooftop with three of her friends that attend an all girls high school with her in a seaside town. One day she invites Masami Endo to join the group. As her friendship with Masami grows, she loses contact more and more with the others. She is impressed with Endo's greater knowledge of music and art, and although Endo proclaims that she is insignificant with no aim in life, Kayako says that she wishes that she could be like her new friend. Their feelings deepen beyond friendship and she proclaims her love for Endo on a lonely beach. The two become physically intimate but when summer comes Masami disappears and Kayako learns that she has gone to Tokyo to meet a married man with whom she had an affair the year before. An abortion had led to her being suspended from school. Feeling betrayed when Masami returns and lies about where she has been...

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