Ranbô to taiki   2010   Japan Vengeance Can Wait
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Director:Masanori Tominaga
Studio:King Record Co.
Writer:Yukiko Motoya, Masanori Tominaga
IMDb Rating:6.8 (16 votes)
Duration:97 min
Masanori Tominaga  ...  (Director)
Yukiko Motoya, Masanori Tominaga  ...  (Writer)
Tadanobu Asano  ...  Hidenori Yamane
Minami  ...  Nanase Ogawa
Eiko Koike  ...  Azusa Kanamori
Takayuki Yamada  ...  Banjo Takai
Yoshio Ohtani  ...  Composer
Yûta Tsukinaga  ...  Cinematographer
Masanori Tominaga  ...  Editor
Comments: A quick shout out for this wonderful little indie movie: Vengeance Can Wait (Ranbô to taiki) [2010] • Japan which highlights that with a little backstory and four good actors you don't need much more than a single room for them to act in.

Minami and Tadanobu Asano live in the room. She has self-esteem issues; he has a gimp leg (but claims to go out long distance running every day) and is there for vengeance for something Minami may have done to him 10 years ago. She sleeps on the bottom of their bunk beds and asks Asano each night if he's thought of anything good to get her back with.

A pregnant couple, Eiko Koike and Takayuki Yamada moves in next door. She hates Minami for having stolen her boyfriends in the past; he's a horny slacker who ends up sleeping with Minami, pregnant wife notwithstanding. Asano witnesses the recurring event through a hole in the ceiling where he hangs out when he says he's going out running.

When we first meet Minami she comes off like she is acting waaay over the top, but after seeing her stand there and pee her sweat pants we're good to go. She comes to own the role and the way she chose to play it. The humor is very Japanese, which is to say, it's a bit non-sequitur-ish, almost on a "And don't call me Shirley" level.

Nothing grandiose here, just an entertaining 97 minutes spent with four good actors and a funny script.

Summary: In a row of wooden municipal houses in the countryside, Hidenori Yamane (Tadanobu Asano) & Nanase Ogawa (Minami) lives together under the same roof. The roommates co-exist in a tense & awkward state. Every night Hidenori hides in the attic and peeks through a hole into Nanase’s room, while thinking of the cruelest ways to inflict revenge. Meanwhile, Nanase, who wears outdated sweaters and glasses, refers to Hidenori as her “brother” (even though they are not related) and is aware he is peeking at her at night. They sleep on the same bunk bed but do not have sex. There was a case that happened 10 years ago and since that time Nanase awaits for the worst form of punishment. One day, a couple moves into their neighborhood and a delicate crack starts to emerge between their closed off relationship.

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