2004   Japan Vital
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Director:Shin'ya Tsukamoto
Studio:Tartan Video
Writer:Shin'ya Tsukamoto
IMDb Rating:6.8 (1,624 votes)
Awards:4 wins & 1 nomination
Genre:Drama, Horror
Duration:86 min
Shin'ya Tsukamoto  ...  (Director)
Shin'ya Tsukamoto  ...  (Writer)
Tadanobu Asano  ...  Hiroshi Takagi
Nami Tsukamoto  ...  Ryôko Ooyama
Kiki (IX)  ...  
Kazuyoshi Kushida  ...  Hiroshi's father
Lily  ...  Hiroshi's mother
Kiki  ...  Ikumi
Hana Kino  ...  Mrs. Ooyama, Ryôko's mother
Gô Rijû  ...  Dr. Nakai
Jun Kunimura  ...  Mr. Ooyama, Ryôko's father
Ittoku Kishibe  ...  Dr. Kashiwabuchi
Masato Tsujioka  ...  
Shin'ya Tsukamoto  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: Hiroshi Takagi returns home to begin his new life after having his memory wiped away in an auto accident. Fascinated by a dusty dissection textbook, he enrolls in medical school where he catches the eye of Izumi, a beautiful fellow student who desires his attention. But its another beauty that becomes his obsession ... the dead woman on the cadaver table. Starting with the tattoo on her arm, patterns of recognition begin to return to Hiroshi and soon he is having visions of a life with this woman. The deeper he cuts into her flesh, the closer he gets to unlocking the dark memories of his forgotten past.

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