Ohikkoshi   1993   Japan Moving
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Director:Shinji Sômai
Studio:Yomuri Television
Writer:Satoshi Okonogi, Satoko Okudera, Hiko Tanaka
IMDb Rating:6.8 (38 votes)
Awards:8 wins & 1 nomination
Duration:124 min
Shinji Sômai  ...  (Director)
Satoshi Okonogi, Satoko Okudera, Hiko Tanaka  ...  (Writer)
Shinobu Chihara  ...  
Kiichi Nakai  ...  
Junko Sakurada  ...  
Tsurube Shôfukutei  ...  
Mariko Sudo  ...  
Tomoko Tabata  ...  Renko
Taro Tanaka  ...  
Shigeaki Saegusa  ...  Composer
Toyomichi Kurita  ...  Cinematographer
Yoshiyuki Okuhara  ...  Editor
Comments: Very very lovely movie until the end, which is also lovely but meaning attempts to intrude on the emotion. This is one of those films where the Director found a precocious young girl (5th grade) who can carry a film, as well as a film where almost every shot is worth saying "Wow! good shot!" A quality film.

Summary: Renko, a girl in the sixth grade, is at first unperturbed by her parents' decision to separate. With the companionship of her boyfriend, Minoru, and Sally, a classmate in the same boat, Renko gradually realises the practical implications of divorce, and tries repeatedly to get her parents to reconcile. An old man teaches her about the need to forget the past...

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