Tsure ga utsu ni narimashite.   2011   Japan My S.O. has got Depression
My S.O. has got Depression Image Cover
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Director:Kiyoshi Sasabe
Studio:Central Arts
Writer:Tenten Hosokawa, Takeshi Aoshima
IMDb Rating:7.8 (19 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Duration:121 min
Kiyoshi Sasabe  ...  (Director)
Tenten Hosokawa, Takeshi Aoshima  ...  (Writer)
Aoi Miyazaki  ...  Haruko
Masato Sakai  ...  Mikio
Mitsuru Fukikoshi  ...  
Hiroshi Inuzuka  ...  
Ren Ohsugi  ...  
Kanji Tsuda  ...  
Tomio Umezawa  ...  
Jeff Wastila  ...  
Kimiko Yo  ...  
Comments: Masato Sakai is engaging as a young man suffering depression. If his young wife wasn't played by Aoi Miyazaki I doubt this film would have risen above the after-school special level. It's not meant to be a major film. It's more of public servant announcement, meant to bring awareness. Every time I felt it might sink, the actors acted their way out and through it. I consider it an overall success from every point of view.

Summary: Mikio (Masato Sakai) is a married man and works hard for the company where he is employed. Then one day Mikio is diagnosed with depression. Mikio's wife is Haruko (Aoi Miyazaki). They have been married for 5 years. Haruko draws comics for work, but they do not sell well. She mainly relied on Mikio for support. Meanwhile, Haruko did not notice any changes in her husband. She begins to blame herself for not noticing any signs. Mikio's depression derived from his work. His company has been pressing him to quit the company. After Mikio quits his job his condition improves, but the dynamics of their relationship changes.

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