Monsutâzu kurabu   2011   Japan Monsters Club
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Director:Toshiaki Toyoda
Studio:Geek Pictures
Writer:Toshiaki Toyoda
IMDb Rating:6.8 (117 votes)
Duration:71 min
Toshiaki Toyoda  ...  (Director)
Toshiaki Toyoda  ...  (Writer)
Eita  ...  Ryoichi Kakiuchi
Ken Ken  ...  Kenta Kakiuchi
Yôsuke Kubozuka  ...  Yuki Kakiuchi
Jun Kunimura  ...  Ryoichi's father
Mayuu Kusakari  ...  Mikana Kakiuchi
Miyuki Matsuda  ...  Ryoichi's Mother
Toshiyuki Terui  ...  Composer
Toyotarô Shigemori  ...  Cinematographer
Naoya Bando  ...  Editor
Mayû Kusakari  ...  Mikana Kakiuchi
Comments: Turns out I punted this film before. Ya know, when you have a billion things to watch, you gotta be picky. The opening monologue isn't interesting, but when that lone puzzle piece is surrounded by the other puzzle pieces the humanity surfaces.

Eita does a great job lifting his performance above the script. Honestly I wish the film was longer. I could have gone deeper, spent more time with Ryoichi, let Eita do his stuff. I would have enjoyed more Mikana as well. More female energy.

I felt Toyoda kept a pretty tight rein on what he wanted to say here, when he could have let the characters he created take over and discover something beyond what he started.

Summary: Having abandoned modern civilization, Ryoichi lives an isolated, self-sufficient life on a snow-covered mountain and sends mail bombs to the CEOs of corporations and TV networks. One day, he encounters a mysterious creature in the forest. That night, his older brother, who had committed suicide, appears before him at his cabin. The apparition takes Ryoichi beyond a door, where Ryoichi learns the truth about his family.

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