Noriko no shokutaku   2005   Japan Noriko's Dinner Table
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Director:Sion Sono
Studio:Mother Ark Co. Ltd.
Writer:Sion Sono
IMDb Rating:7.1 (3,818 votes)
Awards:3 wins & 1 nomination
Genre:Drama, Horror
Duration:159 min
Sion Sono  ...  (Director)
Sion Sono  ...  (Writer)
Kazue Fukiishi  ...  Noriko Shimabara - Mitsuko
Tsugumi  ...  Kumiko - Ueno Station 54
Yuriko Yoshitaka  ...  Yuka Shimabara - Yôko
Shirô Namiki  ...  Ikeda - Tetsuzô's Friend
Sanae Miyata  ...  Taeko Shimabara
Yoko Mitsuya  ...  Tangerine
Tamae Ando  ...  Broken Dam
Naoko Watanabe  ...  Cripple #5
Hiroshi Sakuma  ...  (as Kanehiro Ri)
Chihiro Abe  ...  Long Neck
Hanako Onuki  ...  Midnight
Sora Tôma  ...  
Kazumasa Taguchi  ...  Kumiko's 'Father'
Takako Kitagawa  ...  Kumiko's 'Mother'
Shingo Ishikawa  ...  
Sôhei Tanikawa  ...  Cinematographer
Yôko Mitsuya  ...  Tangerine
Tamae Andô  ...  Broken Dam
Tomoki Hasegawa  ...  Composer
Jun'ichi Itô  ...  Editor
Comments: This is the closest I'll get to calling a film poetry but you probably won't. Sono has such a delicate touch with sound. It is vital to the presentation.

Summary: Noriko's Dinner Table takes place before, during, and after the Suicide Circle timeline as an attempt to resolve some questions Suicide Circle left behind.

Noriko's Dinner Table explores various issues including the generation gap in modern families, the concepts of family and happiness, suicide, lack of communication, the effects of alienation and how the Internet is used as a tool.

A family portrait from contemporary Japan about the generational rebellion of otherwise obedient daughters – since Nagisa Oshima started making movies, it seems that a strong generational conflict slumbers under the surface of Japanese society, a conflict which is the prime mover behind Sono’s plot as well. In the movie, which oscillates between psychothriller and Bildungsfilm, sisters Noriko and Yuka share an adolescent distaste for their father, for his rituals and values. Not even their mother’s love can protect them from ending up under the sway of a sect.

The older Noriko is the first to leave her parents’ house. She meets a young woman named Kumiko in a chat room and soon takes off for Tokyo to visit her. The younger Yuka follows within a few months. With Kumiko they undergo complete transformation – they have new names and new lives, but they’re not the only ones. Their father is determined to get them back but he comes up against a conspiracy that proves difficult to penetrate.

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