Gomennasai   2011   Japan Ring of Curse
Ring of Curse Image Cover
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Director:Mari Asato
Studio:ASCII Mediaworks
Writer:Yoichi Minamikawa, Mari Asato
IMDb Rating:7.2 (40 votes)
Duration:91 min
Mari Asato  ...  (Director)
Yoichi Minamikawa, Mari Asato  ...  (Writer)
Miyabi Natsuyaki  ...  Kurohane Hinako
Chisato Okai  ...  
Itsuki Sagara  ...  
Airi Suzuki  ...  Hidaka Yuka
Momoko Tsugunaga  ...  Shiori
Summary: A highschool girl believes that her classmate is murdering people by using written words that coerce death. This low-budget film spins the “curse” sub-genre of Japanese horror in different ways. First of all, the structure of the storyline is broken into three “diary” entries which portray the perspectives of the two main characters. There is ample use of narration which develops both the protagonist and antagonist very nicely. Second, the method of killing straddles the boundary between pure psychological manipulation and supernatural ability, which is very unique for a film of this kind. There is a tempered creepiness but no onryo ghosts at all. Deliberately paced, but this has quality acting and is memorable despite touching upon genre cliches. On a side note, the runtime is only 85 minutes and almost all of the scary moments occur during the daytime. The ending “message” by the actresses is amusing.

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