Konzen tokkyû   2011   Japan Cannonball Wedlock
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Director:Kôji Maeda
Studio:Amuse Soft Entertainment
Writer:Kôji Maeda, Ryô Takada
IMDb Rating:7.7 (29 votes)
Duration:107 min
Kôji Maeda  ...  (Director)
Kôji Maeda, Ryô Takada  ...  (Writer)
Yuriko Yoshitaka  ...  Chie Ikeshita
Ryo Kase  ...  Minoru Nishio
Kenta Hamano  ...  Takumi Tanashi
Takaaki Enoki  ...  Masayoshi Miyake
Munetaka Aoki  ...  Michiko Deguchi
Takuya Yoshimura  ...  Kenji Nomura
Anne  ...  Toshiko Hamaguchi
Anna Ishibashi  ...  Mika Okuda
Kazuko Shirakawa  ...  Old woman
Shôhei Uno  ...  Akira Hori
Mutsuo Yoshimura  ...  Toshiko's husband
Shunsuke Kida  ...  Composer
Hiroshi Ito  ...  Cinematographer
Takashi Sato  ...  Editor
Comments: Another one I would have skipped if ebossert hadn't suggested otherwise. I thought Yuriko Yoshitaka's career was gonna die after her being horrifically miscast in Snakes and Earrings, but she carries this film well. The director knows when to cut to make her look better than she is but who's counting. I'm back to being a fan (Not quite the level I was after Noriko's Dinner Table, but still …).

Summary: 24-year-old OL Chie Ikeshita's (Yuriko Yoshitaka) motto is to try various things to enjoy life. Chie spends her time accordingly to her motto. Chie Ikeshita then starts to date 5 different men and adjusts herself to the different situations.

Up to this point, Chie never thought about marriage. She changes her thought after her friend Toshiko Hamaguchi (Anne Watanabe) gets married. Chie takes the advise of Toshiko and decides to marry one of the 5 men. She must now whittle down her choice to one man. Chie says goodbye first to Takumi Tanashi (Kenta Hamano) ...

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