Momoiro sora o   2011   Japan About the Pink Sky
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Director:Keiichi Kobayashi
Writer:Keiichi Kobayashi
IMDb Rating:7.3 (38 votes)
Awards:2 wins & 4 nominations
Duration:113 min
Keiichi Kobayashi  ...  (Director)
Keiichi Kobayashi  ...  (Writer)
Ai Ikeda  ...  Izumi
Ena Koshino  ...  Hasumi
Reiko Fujiwara  ...  Kaoru
Tsubasa Takayama  ...  Sato
Kyôko Narumi  ...  
Comments: Fabulous. This is the kind of indie gem from Japan I long for. It's just high school girls being high school girls, with a decent little plot about what happens when one of the girls finds a wallet with a bunch of money in it and her friend discovers that the owner of the wallet is 'hot'. Dialog is sharp and the film doesn't go where you expect.

Summary: High school student Izumi Kawashima, whose daily routine is rating newspaper articles, finds a wallet containing a large sum of cash. Instead of returning the wallet to its owner, Izumi decides to lend a substantial portion of the money to a middle-aged male acquaintance. She eventually returns the wallet to its owner, a wealthy high-school boy named Koki, who notices the missing money, and as compensation, asks Izumi to do something for his friend - to create a newspaper that brings happiness to its reader.

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