Kuroyuri danchi   2013   Japan The Complex
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Director:Hideo Nakata
Studio:Django Film
Writer:Junya Kato, Ryûta Miyake
IMDb Rating:5.3 (47 votes)
Duration:106 min
Hideo Nakata  ...  (Director)
Junya Kato, Ryûta Miyake  ...  (Writer)
Atsuko Maeda  ...  Asuka
Hiroki Narimiya  ...  Sasahara
Masanobu Katsumura  ...  
Naomi Nishida  ...  
Kanau Tanaka  ...  
Kenji Kawai  ...  Composer
Jun'ichirô Hayashi  ...  Cinematographer
Naoko Aono  ...  Editor
Summary: Asuka (Atsuko Maeda) moves into the Kuroyuri apartment complex, without knowing about the mysterious deaths that occurred there 13 years ago. She begins to hear strange sounds of "garigarigari" from the apartment next door. One day, an old man, who lives next door, is found dead. People became aware of his death after his alarm clock continually rang. Since the death, more horrifying incidents occur. With the help of Sasahara (Hiroki Narimiya), who specializes in cleaning out the homes of recently deceased individuals, Asuka tries to find something from the old man's apartment to give to his family.

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