2005   Japan Linda Linda Linda
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Director:Nobuhiro Yamashita
Studio:Viz Video
Writer:Kôsuke Mukai, Wakako Miyashita
IMDb Rating:7.5 (1,889 votes)
Awards:1 win & 4 nominations
Duration:114 min
Nobuhiro Yamashita  ...  (Director)
Kôsuke Mukai, Wakako Miyashita  ...  (Writer)
Doona Bae  ...  Son - vocalist
Aki Maeda  ...  Kyoko Yamada (drummer)
Yuu Kashii  ...  Kei Tachibana - Guitarist
Shiori Sekine  ...  Nozomi Shiroko (bassist)
Du-na Bae  ...  Son - vocalist
Yu Kashii  ...  Kei Tachibana - Guitarist
Takayo Mimura  ...  Rinko
Shione Yukawa  ...  Moe
Yuko Yamazaki  ...  Nakajima
Masahiro Komoto  ...  Koyama sensei
Ken'ichi Matsuyama  ...  Makihara
Katsuya Kobayashi  ...  Kazuya
Keisuke Koide  ...  Abe
Masaki Miura  ...  Maezono
Lily  ...  Kei's mother
Kahori Fujii  ...  Nakayama sensei
Koen Kondo  ...  
Yoshihiro Ikeuchi  ...  Cinematographer
Kaori Fujii  ...  Nakayama sensei
Masahiro Kômoto  ...  Koyama sensei
Kôen Kondô  ...  
Yû Kashii  ...  Kei Tachibana - Guitarist
James Iha  ...  Composer
Ryuji Miyajima  ...  Editor
Comments: I loved Pumpkin boy James Iha's soundtrack work even though it's completely wrong for the film. The half-step minor chord doodlings suggest transformation but there is none. I enjoyed all the characters as discreet units but their story and interactions didn't engage. I also didn't like any of the songs or their excessively long rehearsals. This director and I dance to a completely different rhythm when it comes to over-staying a scene to invoke realism.

Summary: Directed by Nobuhiro Yamashita, LINDA LINDA LINDA depicts the musical and personal dramas of an all-girl high school rock band and has played to critical acclaim at more than 40 major international film festivals. The film notably offers a soundtrack by ex-Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha and a cameo by punk rock legends The Ramones.
The DVD release includes a new audio commentary by noted film critic and Japanese pop culture journalist Patrick Macias. LINDA LINDA LINDA was originally released in 2005 and follows an all-girl high school rock band after an untimely break-up. Only three days before their high school festival, guitarist Kei (Yu Kashii), drummer Kyoto (Aki Maeda of Battle Royale), and bassist Nozumi (Shiori Sekine) must recruit a new lead vocalist for their band. They choose an unlikely Korean exchange student Son (Doona Bae of Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance), even though her comprehension of Japanese is a bit rough! It's a race against time as the group struggles to learn three tunes for the festival's rock concert -- including a classic '80s punk-pop song by the famous Japanese group The Blue Hearts called "Linda Linda."

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