Hakoiri musuko no koi   2013   Japan Blindly in Love
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Director:Masahide Ichii
Studio:Booster Project
Writer:Masahide Ichii, Takahiro Tamura
IMDb Rating:6.4 (23 votes)
Duration:117 min
Masahide Ichii  ...  (Director)
Masahide Ichii, Takahiro Tamura  ...  (Writer)
Gen Hoshino  ...  Kentaro Amanoshizuka
Kaho  ...  Naoko Imai
Sei Hiraizumi  ...  Toshi Amanoshizuka
Ryôko Moriyama  ...  Kentaro's mother
Ren Ohsugi  ...  Akita Imai
Hitomi Kuroki  ...  Naoko's mother
Honoka  ...  Kentaro's co-worker
Shuntarô Yanagi  ...  Kentaro's co-worker
Kanji Furutachi  ...  Kentaro's boss
Miyako Takeuchi  ...  
Ren Takada  ...  Composer
Daisuke Sôma  ...  Cinematographer
Chieko Suzaki  ...  Editor
Comments: Superbly played take on a Romeo and Juliet thing between a 35 year old virgin with a Social Anxiety Disorder who works at city hall and lives with his parents and a blind piano playing girl who lives with her wealthy parents.

The Good Ingredients:

Gen Hoshino - Not a misstep in his performance as the nerd and a few truly wonderful scenes. His big Romeo moment where he runs across town to Juliet's balcony, screaming, made me smile ear to ear. He runs well. When he finally reaches her balcony, the hilariously long static shot of his back made me applaud and laugh out loud. This young man, recently seen in Jigoku de naze warui (2013), impresses here.

Kaho - The youngest from Our little Sister Umimachi Diary (2015). I'm a sucker for cute girls playing blind. If they play piano, all the better. When she cries into her beef noodle soup I wanted to cry with her. So did nerd boy. You think its not going to work, but hey! Great shot!

Hitomi Kuroki - she plays the blind girl's mom. I could watch her sleep. Wait ... of course that would be hot! I could watch her make tofu and sing kumbaya. I'm telling you people, if you want to see how sexy and well-styled this woman is watch Tokyo Tower (2005). A 5/10 movie, but good golly!

The scene during the rainstorm.

The less than stellar stuff:

Occasional plucky guitar soundtrack, not a deal breaker.
Stereotypical grumpy Japanese fathers. The poor one does have character arc and a couple teddy bear moments and the rich one has a moment where if you blink you'll miss it, but it says a lot. So all in all, a pretty flawless and enjoyable film (for what it is).

Summary: 35-year-old Kentaro (Gen Hoshino) is a social misfit and has never dated a woman in his life. He lives with his parents and holds a modest job in city hall. Kentaro doesn't have any friends, nor received a promotion in 13 years at his place of work. His parents worry about Kentaro being single for the rest of his life. They then go to a parental matchmaking event, hoping to find a woman to introduce to their son.

During the meeting, Kentaro's parents has only one other couple approach. The father is Akita Imai (Ren Osugi) and his wife (Hitomi Kuroki). They exchange profiles of their children. Kentaro's parents are impressed with the Imai's beautiful daughter Naoko (Kaho). Meanwhile, Akita Imai is the president of a successful company and, after reading Kentaro's bio, believes he is beneath their daughter. The Imais leave, only saying thank you. They also don't reveal to Kentaro's parents that Naoko is blind.

Kentaro and Naoko will soon experience love for the first time, but will it be fleeting?

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