Taiyô no Suwaru Basho   2014   Japan The Place Where the Sun Sits
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Director:Hitoshi Yazaki
Writer:Mizuki Tsujimura, Hitoshi Yazaki
IMDb Rating:5.6 (46 votes)
Duration:103 min
Hitoshi Yazaki  ...  (Director)
Mizuki Tsujimura, Hitoshi Yazaki  ...  (Writer)
Asami Mizukawa  ...  
Takahiro Miura  ...  
Fumino Kimura  ...  
Kanna Mori  ...  
Shingo Tsurumi  ...  
Aoi Koizumi  ...  
Kanna Moriya  ...  (as Kanna Mori)
Comments: Hitoshi Yazaki's Strawberry Shortcakes is one of my all time favorites. His Sweet Little Lies was also excellent. March Comes in Like a Lion was good for twenty-five years ago. So I had high hopes for his latest. I'm not generally a fan of dual timeline films where flashbacks mingle with and inform the present. I had to restart this film a couple times to make sure I had my who's whos in line. Some of this is good but a lot of it had too much dramatic weight weighing it down. The film required too much work to enjoy because the payoff wasn't big enough.

Summary: Former high school classmates, now adults, hold jealous thoughts, hidden intentions and lust for revenge.

Graduates from a high school have held reunions since they graduated 10 years ago. The high school itself is located 2 hours from Tokyo by train and past reunions were held by different teams for different areas. An upcoming reunion is the first time where everyone will gather again.

Kyoko Takama (Asami Mizukawa) works as an announcer for a local station. Back in her high school days, Kyoko was the queen of the high school. Nowadays, Kyoko Suzuhara (Fumino Kimura) is the person everyone talks about. Kyoko was an ordinary student, but she now works as a popular actress.

For the first time since their graduation, Kyoko Suzuhara appears in front of them.

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