Jôkyô monogatari   2013   Japan I Hate Tokyo
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Director:Toshiyuki Morioka
Studio:Boom Up
Writer:Rieko Saibara, Toshiyuki Morioka
IMDb Rating:7.0 (5 votes)
Duration:109 min
Toshiyuki Morioka  ...  (Director)
Rieko Saibara, Toshiyuki Morioka  ...  (Writer)
Eri Fukatsu  ...  
Sôsuke Ikematsu  ...  
Fumino Kimura  ...  
Ittoku Kishibe  ...  
Kii Kitano  ...  Natsumi Takahara
Asuka Kurosawa  ...  
Rieko Saibara  ...  Janitor
Asaka Seto  ...  
Kanon Tani  ...  
Comments: Confession: I punted on this one pretty quickly when I realized it wasn't going to be about realistic situations and characters but was instead going to try and play the stereotype cardboard cutouts card. I don't get much out of flicks that do that (like 100 Yen Love and some Kim Ki-duk wannabes).

Summary: Natsumi (Kie Kitano) moves to Tokyo to enter a fine arts university. In Tokyo, Natsumi meets Ryosuke and they soon become a couple. Ryosuke is a good person, but he doesn't have a job. Every day he just loafs around. To pay for her living expenses, Natsumi begins work at bar. Natsumi and Ryosuke become estranged from each other. They decide to break up. Natsumi's book is finally published.

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