Samayou koyubi   2014   Japan The Pinkie
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Director:Lisa Takeba
Writer:Lisa Takeba
IMDb Rating:6.3 (31 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Genre:Action, Comedy, Drama
Duration:65 min
Lisa Takeba  ...  (Director)
Lisa Takeba  ...  (Writer)
Reon Kadena  ...  
Takashi Nishina  ...  
Ryôta Ozawa  ...  
Tokitoshi Shiota  ...  
Haruka Suenaga  ...  
Kanji Tsuda  ...  
Miwako Wagatsuma  ...  
Mondo Yamagishi  ...  
Kentarô Fujinaga  ...  Composer
Shinji Kugimiya  ...  Cinematographer
Shu Kageyama  ...  Editor
Shû Kageyama  ...  Editor
Comments: "Doomed at birth from the residue of a booger"

A few fun ideas and some inspired moments but mostly on a 'skit' level. It tries to be zany with actors who aren't up to it. And if you introduce your bad guy with ill-mannered bad eating-acting you're not thinking outside the box.

Summary: The winner of the Grand Prix at the 24th Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival, Lisa Takeba's debut feature is a hyper-imaginative sci-fi(ish) drama about a slacker and his clone. Devil-may-care Ryosuke is taking it easy, nice and easy, particularly with the girls. Unfortunately, the latest beauty he seduces turns out to be a yakuza's moll. Reckoning comes when gangsters beat him up and chop off his pinkie, which falls in the hands of Momoko, a naughty girl who has been stalking him. She gets herself a cloning kit and grows her own Ryosuke-clone. It performs beyond expectations and proves to be a remarkable lover. Frantically paced, The Pinkie is chock-full of Western and Japanese pop culture references and jokes, as if Gen Sekiguchi's Survive Style 5+ had been directed by the minds behind Sushi Typhoon splatter films, mixing Weird Science, Battles Without Honor and Humanity and The Terminator into 65 minutes of concentrated weirdness.

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