Saihate nite   2014   Japan The Furthest End Awaits
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Director:Hsiu-Chiung Chiang
Studio:Toei Company
Writer:Nako Kakinoki
IMDb Rating:6.8 (52 votes)
Awards:2 nominations
Duration:118 min
Hsiu-Chiung Chiang  ...  (Director)
Nako Kakinoki  ...  (Writer)
Hiromi Nagasaku  ...  Misaki
Hiyori Sakurada  ...  Arisa
Nozomi Sasaki  ...  Eriko
Dankuro Shinma  ...  Cinematographer
Miyoko Asada  ...  
Kaisei Hotamori  ...  
Jun Murakami  ...  
Masatoshi Nagase  ...  
Issei Ogata  ...  
Asami Usuda  ...  
Shuhei Kamimura  ...  Composer
Naoki Watanabe  ...  Editor
Comments: By the book, predictable Japanese indie. It took over an hour to find any meat. By that time it was nonredeemable. The turning point event, which brings two squabblers together, is appallingly contrived dumb BS. Oh Hiromi, you let me down.

Summary: Misaki Yoshida (Hiromi Nagasaku) runs a roasting coffee shop in Tokyo. She lives alone. In order to find her father, who was separated from her when she was a child, Misaki goes back to her hometown in Noto Peninsula. Misako opens a coffee shop there.

Eriko Yamazaki (Nozomi Sasaki) is a single mother and works at a cabaret. Misaki is her new neighbor. While hanging around with Eriko and her children, Misaki slowly changes …

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