Aidoru izu deddo   2012   Japan Idol Is Dead
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Director:Yukihiro Katô
Studio:Copenhagen Theatre
Writer:Yukihiro Katô
IMDb Rating:7.3 (10 votes)
Genre:Action, Comedy, Music
Duration:63 min
Yukihiro Katô  ...  (Director)
Yukihiro Katô  ...  (Writer)
Rui Pour  ...  Rui
Hiroshi Iwanaga  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: Once, Rui has aimed at a singer. However, now, she was frustrated and was doing the hostess's work in the country. When Rui goes home together with a friend's Tsunko, She met Momoko, the rival at the time of her having aimed as a singer. Momoko became an idol singer and was successful. On the grounds that Momoko has ridiculed Rui, Rui killed two friends, her and her. In order that Rui may escape a crime, She formed the idol group together with Tsunko pretending to be Momoko and others.

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