Kami no tsuki   2014   Japan Pale Moon
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Director:Daihachi Yoshida
Studio:Robot Communications
Writer:Mitsuyo Kakuta, Kaeko Hayafune
IMDb Rating:7.9 (16 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Duration:126 min
Daihachi Yoshida  ...  (Director)
Mitsuyo Kakuta, Kaeko Hayafune  ...  (Writer)
Rie Miyazawa  ...  Rika Umezawa
Sôsuke Ikematsu  ...  
Renji Ishibashi  ...  
Satomi Kobayashi  ...  
Yoshimasa Kondô  ...  
Yûko Ohshima  ...  
Seiichi Tanabe  ...  
Comments: Damn. Rie Miyazawa is usually sexy charisma in the flesh. She's pretty good here but the film made her flat. Director Daihachi Yoshida is on a downward spiral in my book. Funuke Show Some Love, You Losers! was fantastic, and Permanent Nobara was pretty darned good. I didn't like The Kirishima Thing at all, unlike many others. If you want to see a great movie about someone who unwinds once they start innocently embezzling money from a bank where they work, check out Owning Mahowny (2003). Philip Seymour Hoffman R.I.P.

Summary: Rika Umezawa (Rie Miyazawa) lives with her husband, but without any children. She works part-time at a bank. Rika receives favorable evaluations from her clients and boss because of her attentive work. Nevertheless, she feels a sense of emptiness from her husband who doesn't seem interested in her. Rika then falls into an extramarital affair with a younger man named Kota. She also begins to embezzle money from her clients.

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