Kuchibiru ni uta wo   2015   Japan Have a Song on Your Lips
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Director:Takahiro Miki
Studio:Asmik Ace Entertainment
Writer:Otsuichi, Yukiko Mochiji, Yûichi Toyone
IMDb Rating:6.5 (6 votes)
Duration:132 min
Takahiro Miki  ...  (Director)
Otsuichi, Yukiko Mochiji, Yûichi Toyone  ...  (Writer)
Yui Aragaki  ...  Yuri
Fumino Kimura  ...  Haruko
Kenta Kiritani  ...  Tetsuo
Yuri Tsunematsu  ...  Nazuna
Shôta Shimoda  ...  Satoru
Wakana Aoi  ...  Chinatsu
Kyôka Shibata  ...  Eri
Natsumi Abe  ...  Megumi
Fuyuna Asakura  ...  Kaoru
Ayano Hamaura  ...  Aya
Kiina Haruno  ...  Rumi
Hisashi Igawa  ...  
Hikari Ishida  ...  
Kyôhei Kanomi  ...  Shuhei
Tae Kimura  ...  
Comments: Your joy is your sorrow unmasked

Never a more appropriate use of the Kahlil Gibran quote than as a summation of this comically over-the-top beautiful downer of a film.

Deducting half a star for the film's failure to execute one of its characters, who, according to the film's game plan, should have died. It would have been next level manipulation. Dead people are floating around every corner of the film.

But it's perfect. I wasn't much on board with the adult in the room and her suffering, but the kids are impossible not to feel for, to root for. You know it's coming. And then ... well ... extra half star added for how well they did in the competition. Brilliant!

Deducting another half star for the film's lack of romance. It was there the whole time, but never brought forward. You can see it, you'll want it: nerdy boy who's so meek he's practically see-through, and nerdy girl who has the best body acting when these kids are called upon to show us reaction shots to sorrow being heaved upon them--a hilarious motif throughout the film.

Deducting another half star because I always do that when Christianity is part of a Japanese film. No biggy.

If my little pet peeves don't bother you, you've got a pretty well-scoring film. It's lovely location and bright shiny teenagers are a joy to spend time with.

Summary: Yuri Kashiwaga was once known as a genius pianist. One day, she returns to her hometown in Goto Islands from Tokyo. There, she begins to work as a temporary teacher at a middle school and advisor for the school chorus. The chorus aims to take part at a competition. Yuri gives the members of the chorus members an assignment. She instructs them to write a letter with the title of “To myself 15 years later.” The 15-year-old boys and girls write about their secrets and worries.

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