2014   Japan Kinki
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Director:Kôtarô Wajima
Studio:King Record Co.
Writer:Kôtarô Wajima
IMDb Rating:5.1 (25 votes)
Duration:73 min
Kôtarô Wajima  ...  (Director)
Kôtarô Wajima  ...  (Writer)
Seiko Fujimura  ...  
Hayate Matsuzaki  ...  
Ryû Morioka  ...  
Shirô Sano  ...  
Kiki Sugino  ...  
Taiga  ...  
Hiroyuki Takashima  ...  
Sarara Tsukifune  ...  
Takeshi Yamamoto  ...  
Kenji Yamauchi  ...  
Kôichi Furuya  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Template Kiki Sugino. I have this image of her as extreme, transgressive, out there. This is pure her

Why would you make -- or watch -- a film like this?
It's an art thing. Mozart and whatnot

The film has more layers than are given in the synopsis, and most of them get peeled

Cops with a warrant are searching Kiki's dad's house. Kiki takes them into her room where they find a couple wads of binding rope. Cop asks Kiki if the ropes were used to bind victims. Kiki says:

I'm into that stuff

There's the pearl.

So is this one of those deals where we get inside WTF and see the humanity?
Nope. But Kiki's execution is a marvel to behold. There's nothing beyond that

Summary: Sala is a teacher at a girls' high school. She has a relationship with a female high school student there. One day, she learns that her father is involved in a crime. She has been estranged from her father for years. Sala goes to her father's home and finds a boy that was confined there by her father. Her father asks Sala to hide the boy.

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